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Select Solutions believes in establishing common infrastructure standards with all of our clients by providing professional network engineering skills based on "best business practices". We achieve these standards by harvesting our knowledge with our successful experiences, with this you can be assured to receive the most efficient and effective solutions to meet your business requirement.

Select Solutions provides a complete infrastructure management services that includes assessment, development, deployment and on-going maintenance. Below you will find a more detailed list of our services:
  • All
  • Client/Server Services
  • Network Services
  • Desktop Services
  • Internet/WEB Services
Client/Server Services

  • Server design, implementation and roll-out
  • Server installation and configuration
  • Server maintenance and updates (HotFix, Security updates etc.)
  • Disaster recovery planning, designing and implementation (data center)
  • Audit and document server performance (server CPU/data performance)
  • Audit and document network security (user security, Internet security)
  • Server monitoring and fine-tuning
  • Terminal services with Citrix Metaframe
  • Virus protection, updates and maintenance
  • Data and server migration/upgrade
  • Backup procedures and plans for servers and workstations NAS (network attached storage)
  • SANs (storage area networks), data storage and backup strategy
  • Change management plans and services
Network Services

  • Component selection, design, implementation and roll-out
  • Installation and configuration of routers, hubs, switches & gateways
  • Network Management services
  • VPN & Firewall security components
  • Remote access dial-up and Internet VPN (encrypted secure remote access)
  • Audit and document network security (hardware and network related software)
  • Audit and document network performance (network traffic analysis)
  • Network monitoring and fine-tuning
Desktop Services

  • Installation and configuration of peripherals
  • Upgrade and maintain existing components
  • Coordinate changes, add-ons and moves
  • Workstation hardware upgrades
  • Workstation software updates (HotFix & Security updates)
  • Workstation configuration and roll-out
  • Centralized management for desktop deployments
  • Application installation, configuration, testing and support.
Internet/WEB Services

  • Web hosting and configuration
  • Domain name registration
  • MS SQL & MySQL support
  • WordPress hosting support
  • CGI execution capability
  • Business Internet presence